Pelvic organ prolaspe is when the bladder, rectum or uterus intrudes into the vaginal space. In severe cases, the bladder, rectum or cervix may bulge out of the vulva, causing chafing, burning and emotional turmoil. Pelvic organ prolapse is uncomfortable, debilitating and emotionally devastating, but it is not life threatening and does not justify high risk, invasive surgery including hysterectomy. The hardest part of prolapse is that you probably never heard of the condition until you became symptomatic. It is a horrifying thing to discover. You feel as though your body has failed you or that your sex life may be over. The emotional turmoil is, in many respects, the worst part of prolapse. Steaming along with special exercises will help push the organs back into their proper place. Exercises and other resources to assist in your healing journey are included in your written protocol. 


    • Herbs for 20 steams
    • PDF of a detailed, personalized steam plan

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