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All You Wanted to Know And More

Who should steam?

Every woman between menarche and menopause will benefit in some way from steaming. Some reports have shown men are starting to benefit from this practice as well.


When is steaming contraindicated?

Do not steam if you are on your period, have fresh spotting, pregnant or after ovulation if trying to conceive.



What supplies do I need to steam?


How do I prepare the herbs?

You will receive instructions on how to prepare a basic steam with the purchase of Nurtured Luna's Steaming Herbs. Feel free to contact me at if you have further questions.


How much of the herbs are needed for one steam session?

Depending on the protocol or herbal blend usually 2 tablespoonfuls per session.

Which stool height is best for me?

Stool height is dependant on which steam set up will work best for you.

If you have experienced any of the following in the last 3 months:

  • menstrual cycles 27 days or less

  • heavy bleeding or flood bleeding

  • 2 periods per month

  • prone to infections (UTIs, BV, yeast or herpes)

  • hot flashes

  • night sweats

  • burning itch

Then a short stool with a mild set up is recommended. If you have not experienced any of the symptoms listed above then a tall stool with an advance set up would be best suited.

What's the difference between a mild set up vs. an advance set up?

An advance set requires a heat source to keep the heat consistent for the full 30 minute steam session. Women often use a mini crock pot or mini hot plate for this purpose. A mild set up is only done for 10 minutes and does not require any additional heat source. A set up is determined by if any sensitivities are present. See the question above for sensivities pertaining to a mild set up.

What should I expect during a steam session?

Steaming feels really good! Like taking a hot bath for the first time. Experiences vary and range from deep relaxation to enlightened sensuality to sometimes emotional release.


I've started steaming and having large amounts of green, yellow or thick vaginal discharge!

This is a good thing! This means the steam is working and drawing all the excess mucus out of your uterus. Keep steaming until you no longer have irregular cervical mucus, only a clear discharge or no discharge.


Can I steam without a vaginal steam stool?

Yes, however using a steam stool is the easiest and most comfortable way to steam.

Follow the instructions below to steam without a stool.

  • Put the steaming herb pot on the floor (preferably on top of a plush carpet, rug or blanket).

  • Place your feet on either side of the pot (caution: the pot is hot, so please be careful).

  • Carefully lower your knees to either side of the pot.

Tip: you can put a towel around the pot for extra protection to make sure not to burn yourself.

If you like, you can rest your arms and head in a kneeling position on the floor.


Can I share my steam stool?

Yes! Only one stool per household is needed.


Can I steam if I have an IUD?

Since an IUD is an intrauterine device, there is always the chance that the IUD could shift or dislodge. Women have reported good success steaming with a copper IUD. It is not encouraged to steam with a plastic or metal IUD. Should you decide to try steaming with an IUD, steaming can be very helpful for issues that present with IUD use.

**If your IUD is in place as an attempt to alleviate menstrual symptoms, note that steaming alone can resolve these issues and eliminate the need for an IUD.**


Can I steam with essential oils?

No! Essential oils are far too strong and may cause damage. Please only use herbal blends like Nurtured Luna's blends for vaginal steaming.


Where do you ship?

We offer worldwide shipping. If shipping outside Canada or the US please email for shipping costs. All customers outside of Canada are responsible for payment of duties or customs fees.


I have questions that aren't answered here, where can I find those answers?

If you don’t find your answer here please feel free to contact me at

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