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Alex Bjarnason
Owner & Creator of Nurtured Luna

I'm a certified vaginal steam facilitator with a focus on herbalism. I have a passion for working directly with women regarding their vaginal health needs, and I'm particularly interested in helping postpartum mothers. I have also worked in a hospital setting as a pharmacy technician for the past 10 years.


My story begins with the birth of my daughter, Matilda. After experiencing a highly medicalized, traumatic birth my deep trust in the medical system was shattered. I found there was a major gap in western medicine's ability to treat and support women in their health, not only from being a patient but through my profession. When I became pregnant with my son Oscar, I decided to take my birth experience into my own hands and educated myself on what a non-medicalized, natural birth would look like.  I went on to successfully free birth my son with only my husband (and two cats) present. After sustaining a second-degree tear during the birth, I looked to steaming to assist in my healing. After steaming for 3 weeks, my body had returned back to its pre-pregnancy state and was completely healed by 8 weeks postpartum. Once my cycle returned, I continued to steam and found that I was also able to maintain a standard, healthy period (4 days of fresh red blood, no cramps, clots or PMS symptoms) for the first in my life.


As I continue to work with women, I've found that steaming can be used to treat numerous gynecological issues and help achieve a standard, healthy period regardless of previous imbalances. I would be honoured to work with you whether it's reclaiming your body autonomy, treating infertility, establishing proper period care, treating imbalances within your cycle or any other gynecological concern you may have. I would love to hear from you!


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Peristeam hydrotherapy also known as vaginal steaming, is an ancient form of natural healing that has been used around the world by women for centuries. This gentle and relaxing therapy is done by sitting over a pot of steaming herbs using a stool or steam sauna. The healing steam softens and relaxes the cervix allowing the herbal properties to travel into the uterus. 


Steaming aids in healing and bringing relief to common physical discomforts, as well as the varied emotional landscape that women manage throughout their lives. This is full body healing that feels great, has many benefits and is very affordable to maintain.


Peristeaming is used to help treat a number of gynecological and emotional issues including but not limited to:

  • regulating menstrual cycles including relief from cramps, heavy flow, brown blood

  • endometriosis

  • relieving PMS

  • ovarian cysts

  • fibroids

  • postpartum healing

  • soothing infections such UTIs, yeast infections and BV

  • infertility

  • night sweats/hot flashes

  • bloating 

  • painful sex

  • anxiety and nervousness

  • sleep challenges

  • stress

  • low libido

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